Friday 30 July 2021

Its that time of year when players are on holiday, and it is time to ensure all the paperwork is done for registration.

Your coaches will be asking all the parents to confirm there details and going through all the necessary paperwork to ensure your child is signed up for the next season. those moving up to Competitive football next season please ensure that you have change your standing orders at the bank as you have moved ion the next payment level.

If you require more information speak to your teams coach or Dave Homewood.

Good luck to all teams playing in friendlies this weekend!!!

For those that like to play on line fantasy sports, there has been a Sky Sports Super6 league set up.

League name is : Bromley Green

The league code is: LAJWS5

Also there has been set up a league on the Premier Leagues fantasy website. Please click on the link belowto goto their website:

League Name is: Bromley Green

The League code is: 7asqe7

Please join in and have a little bit of fun!!!

In the next week there will be a separate page with all these details on!!

Thursday 29 July 2021

Belated birthday wishes to Sean Wood, Duncan Randall, Lisa Cotton and Robert Finn.

Congratulations to our sponsors McDonalds – Ashford proud winners of the Restaurant of the Year award.

Well deserved and on Tuesday the FA and McDonalds reps are visited Waterside for some filming!

As a real bonus, Jack Matthews and his father Leslie [Buck] are off to Wembley on 7 August for the Community Shield final between Leicester City and Manchester City – and, wait for it, will be seated in the VIP lounge!

Also a great well done to all the teams that entered the Bromley Green Tournaments over the last three weekends!!

Also the other team that needs praising is the team of helpers that arrange, support and run the events for the club, without them these days cannot go ahead!!

The club, and especially Dave, wish to applaud the many children who mucked in and ensured a real team effort. Preston, Archie, David, James, Molly, Reegan, Harrison – to name but a few. Here are some more random photos from the zillions flying around.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Happy Birthday to Joe Nicholson.

More items ready for collection from the Clubhose:

Box 3

039 Brooklyn Hadley. GJ age 6

364 George Barton. GJ age 6

624 Ethan Mongondo. GJ age 6

079 Joseph Moloney. Med Jacket

100 Gabriel Sullivan. Med Jacket

333 Kai Jones. Med Jacket

504 Archie Crooker. Med Jacket

539 Taylan Waterer. Med Jacket

557 Alex Pierson. Med Jacket

559 Alfie Gower. Med Jacket

566 Jack Matthews. Med Jacket

913 Aiden Harding. Med Jacket

547 Alex Kamuanga. Med Jacket

554 Kian Feltham XLA Jacket

674 Kieran Hawkins. XLA Jacket

922 Jacob Santer XLA Jacket

Box 6

045 Joe Clark. Med bag

076 Brently Hone. Med bag and Med Jacket

083 Theo Denny. Rucksack

364 George Barton. Rucksack

659 Hossam Ebrahim. Holdall

671 Kieran Hawkins. Holdall

674 Ethan Mongondo. Med bag

676 Aaron Mongondo. Med bag

677 Daniel Mckay. Med bag

1529 Elliott Dixon. Rucksack

528 Ravi Raj. Rucksack

663 Krish Bhandari. Med bag

664 Eshan Sapkota. Holdall

Monday 26 July 2021

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have given their time up over the last three weekends to allow the tournaments to be held and run, allowing a vast number of players to enjoy their football this summer, and a few of our teams winning their age groups as well!!

Sunday 25 July 2021

Day 2 of the summer tournament at Bromley Green FC, all teams should have received all their instructions and know what time to turn up etc!!

It it needs are the volunteers and players to turn up for another good day of football (hopefully the weather holds off).

Saturday 24 July 2021


Day 1 of the summer tournament at Bromley Green FC, all teams should have received all their instructions and know what time to turn up etc!!

It it needs are the volunteers and players to turn up for another good day of football (hopefully the weather holds off).

Friday 23 July 2021

Many happy returns to Owen Lewington.

Reminder that this weekend see the junior tournament being played over both days. If you are available to help in any way, shape or form please contact Dave Homewood or turn up on the day and find Dave and offer your services. I am very sure he will find you a job!!!

Good luck to all to the teams playing in the Bromley Green Tournament and those playing in other tournaments as well!!

Thursday 22 July 2021

Many happy returns to Cameron Spencer and Alfie Norman

Big thank you to Damion Truelove for taking the Junior Valiants last night

U7/8 Development Group tonight 5pm will be trained by Steve Sutton – new faces always welcome

No training tonight for the U11 DVS

U13s in tournament this Saturday- Brian Petken, James Lee Branch and Dave Homewood will sort teams tonight after training [Utilitas and Pirtek in tournament]. Remember, only those paying the standing order are eligible for selection.

All those who pledged help for the coming weekend, please note we start preparing everything at 6.30am. Lorraine Briggs needs helpers for the BBQ so please do not be shy.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

There are still items of club garments left for players to collect. See the below lists to see if you have anything waiting to be picked up.

Items awaiting collection from the clubhouse 20/7/21 Box 1 and 2


104- Luke Couper. Blue Polo (Senior)

474-Ben Hatcher. Bue T-Shirt (Juniors)

915-Cameron Waller. Green Jacket (Damien)

613-Daeyaan Naunko . Green Jacket

219-Ethan Rogers. Green Jacket

602-Noah Mitchell. Green Jacket

491-Kai Nelson. Green Jacket

589- Patrik Chatziz. Blue T-Shirt (Peter)

476-Freddie Churchman. Green Jacket (Peter)

525-Tiana Wretham. Green Jacket and Bag

538-Ethan Hills . 2 x Blue Polo and 1 T-Shirt

536-Cayden Furnell

Box 2

556-Inioluwa Oyewola. Holdall

651-Tyler Parsons. Holdall

658- William Pumeris, Holdall

659-Hossam Ebrahim. Holdall

239- Ronnie Dudley. Holdall (under 18’s)

333-Kai Jones. Holdall  (under 18’s)

334-Seaton Bartholemew. Holdall (U13 Mcdonalds)

128 George Mortimer. Holdall

Items ready for collection from clubhouse. 20/7/21 (Box 4 and 5)

538 Ethan Hills (Box 4) Bag

562 Oliver Denney (Box 4) Bag

563 Oscar Wait (Box 4) Bag

046 Aayan Pandey (Box 4) Bag

062 Raphael Kwarteng (Box 4) Bag

063 Daniel Kwarteng (Box 4) Bag

065 George Sharp (Box 4) Bag

084 Leo May (Box 4) Bag

089 Brooklyn Hadley (Box 5) Bag

580 Josh Wilkinson (Box 5) T-Shirt

500 Tommy Newberry (Box 5) Bag, T-Shirt and Polo and Green Jacket (Age 6)

485 Noah Moxham. (Box 5) Bag, Blue polo and Green Jacket (Age 6)

070 Ethan Simmons (Box 5) Bag