Busy weekend … enjoy! Vets Charity match … who is available?

Birthday greetings today to Jane Waters and Phil Finn!

Have a great weekend!

Harborough Town FC where we will be playing

Harborough Town FC where we will be playing

The Elms next to our hotel ... be rude not to pay a visit!

The Elms next to our hotel … be rude not to pay a visit!

Many of our teams are in action this weekend so good luck; but most importantly enjoy your football. Locally, we are well represented in the Ashford United tournament while the ADYL U13s are off to Leicestershire for the ACES Tournament. We are staying in Lutterworth, which is about half-hour away from the playing venue of Harborough Town FC. Last reminder that the coach leaves Waterside Saturday at 10am.

Vets game with Gurkhas Vets … recruiting Old Boys now!


Can the following let me know if they are available next Sunday for the Nepalese Disaster Fund Appeal match between the Vets of Bromley Green and the local Gurkhas Vets. Meet 1pm please in the clubhouse. Humble apologies if I have inadvertently left out one of our regulars … just pass the message on please.

Lee Williams, Steve Wilson, Mark Mason, Terry Perk, Daryll Lindridge, Ian Mace, Richie Moore, Andy Williams [not the Doncaster one], Tony Gawler, Matt Coniam, Mark Day, Lee McRobert, Guido Bulla, Wayne Rudd, Sean Phelan, Gary Penfold, Gary Holloway, Paul Plumridge, Phil Wedge, Steve Mailey, Nick Rowe, Andy Lowe, Paul Carter, Matt Stanley, Andrew Charlton, Phil Castle, Paul May, Pat Penfold, Colin Burnikell, Jimmy Cunningham.

If you could let me know one way or the other please as soon as possible … first 15 to reply will be the squad! All support welcome. Cheers. DH.


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