Wednesday 24 June 2015 with Colin Batt Removals

Please refer to facebook sites for future information … most teams/groups have their own pages … thanks

Message from Debby: communication for BGV will be done by email/text message from myself/coaches.

Happy birthday Friday to Mathew Baker and on Saturday to Ashley Fedder

Happy birthday today to former Tommy Stafford Memorial Trophy [Youth Clubman] winner Miles Christian!

Meeting times for Saturday in so far: U16s at 11.15am; U8s at 1pm

Training tonight as usual … everybody welcome

Children aged 5, 6, 7 years are welcome at 5pm to have coaching from Jack. ALL please report in the clubhouse before training to enable parents to be briefed about Saturday’s tournament, discuss plans and sign necessary safeguarding forms. Thank you.

Club T-shirts are now printed for the following and can be collected tonight or Thursday from the clubhouse … more to follow soon … there are still a few players that need to try on a sample T-shirt for size so please pop into the clubhouse and orders can be placed.

097 Ford Ryan
025 Griffin Jordan
234 Wedge Matt
254 George Charlie
011 Lumsden Cameron
010 Haylock-Ashdown James
098 Mansfield Harry
099 Burton Louis
032 Hooper Kurtis
177 Heard Ollie
004 Ahmad Josh
195 Wealands Charlie
147 Endicott Kyle
178 Harris Ryan
175 Bruce Cameron
184 Cowley Zac
182 Wirt Sonny
047 Baker Nicole
107 Finn Keeley

Vinters Park Tournament this Saturday

Can managers/admin synchronise their meeting times please and inform DH accordingly of when they need access to the clubhouse

Managers do not have the authority to withdraw sides from tournaments without the consent of the Executive. We have an agreement with parents to provide their children with football and this kind of practice is getting us a bad name. Thank you.

am: Under 7s, 9s, 11s, 13sx2, might have 1xU13 via Sean, 15s
pm: Under 8s [meet clubhouse 1pm], 10s, 16s [meet clubhouse 11.15am]
Venue: Valley Park Playing Fields, New Cut Road, Maidstone, ME14 5SL
Full details, with registration times and team sheets, have been emailed to all admins/managers

2 responses to “Wednesday 24 June 2015 with Colin Batt Removals

  1. Dave as stated most teams not all teams use face book so the ones who do use the web sit as asked get punished ?


  2. Come on guys. Whose kidnapped DH?


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