Polo shirts

Internal message … the following club Polo shirts are ready for collection tonight:

Size Number Name
Medium Youth 040 Leo Deacon
Medium Youth 051 Connor O’Neill
Medium Youth 085 Tommy Osborne
Medium Youth 154 Joe Hollamby
Medium Youth 249 Reece Crofts
Medium Youth 250 Hayden Bushell
Medium Youth 262 George Clark
Medium Youth 283 Lewis Clark
Large Youth 042 Magic
Large Youth 045 Joe Clark
Large Youth 121 Oscar
Large Youth 127 Samuel Woch
Large Youth 136 Kieran Black
Large Youth 140 Freddie Griffin
Large Youth 141 Callum Waters
Large Youth 142 Elliott Grace
Large Youth 240 Zjuman
Large Youth 11801 Harvey Rudd
XL Youth 059 Josh Higgins
XL Youth 137 Coleton Pearson
XL Youth 145 Lucas Evans
XL Youth 147 Kyle Endicott
XL Youth 155 Ryan Bugden
XL Youth 182 Sonny Wirt
XL Youth 184 Zac Cowley
XL Youth 231 Reece Blyth
XL Youth 274 Arman Fazli
XL Youth 275 Kian Fazli
XL Youth 345 Toby Galton
Small Adult 011 Cameron Lumsden
Small Adult 101 Lewis Stansfield
Small Adult 112 Luke Clark
Small Adult 113 Louis May
Small Adult 135 Jake Edwards
Small Adult 153 Cameron Edwards
Small Adult 205 Daniel Hiller
Small Adult 254 Charlie George
Small Adult 284 Callum O’Neill
Small Adult 298 Jamie Spriggs
Medium Adult 008 Amir
Medium Adult 010 James H-A
Medium Adult 012 Josh Twyman
Medium Adult 025 Jordan Griffin
Medium Adult 088 Levii Loyza
Medium Adult 099 Louis Burton
Medium Adult 108 Cade Ross
Medium Adult 114 Tobias Terry
Medium Adult 139 Matt Lewis
Medium Adult 330 Charlie Fletcher
Large Adult 109 Luke Randall
Large Adult 111 Finley Kelly
Large Adult 126 Callum Keogh
XL Adult 357 Shane Cowley
2XL Adult 022 Dave Andrews
2XL Adult 281 Duncan Randall


2 responses to “Polo shirts

  1. Brian edwards

    Hi dave jane has got Jakes polo shirt but not Camerons so not sure if it has turned up in box yet just thought would let you know mate


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