Tuesday 29 September 2015 with Caffyns Skoda Ashford & Tunbridge Wells

Youth Colts secure major sponsorship deal


Terrific boost for our Youth Colts with Caffyns Skoda Ashford & Tunbridge Wells demonstrating their backing for our youth policy by sponsoring the players’ club jackets. A club spokesperson enthused: “Our thanks go to Shane Moloney and Sid Hone for setting up the deal … it is yet another vote of confidence by a major company in the work we, as a Charter Standard club, do on behalf of the local community”. 

KC Scaffolding logo“These are exciting times for the developmental squad, who will be sporting the new-style Nike playing kit which is kindly sponsored by KC scaffolding and is expected to be ready this week. Over the next two years, all the teams will switch to the new-style strip as the club prepares to invest in a re-branding estimated to cost in excess of £15000”.

Natural Hair“Indeed, as we go to press, a new Nike kit is being ordered for our Under 18s who will be backed by our good friend Paul Ford on behalf of Nat’ural Hair. Nat’ural Hair already sponsor our Saturday seniors who are are moving us in the right direction as the rebuilding of adult football at Waterside continues”.

Today [Tuesday] we open at 4.45pm for usual training. Adults and U18s please arrive early as Terry will be taking training asap … all a bit vague but he wants to get in as much work before the light fades. From next week, adults and U18s you will be in the Sports Hall at the North School from 8pm.

Also, just to confirm once again: U12s, U1os, Youth Colts you will be on the all-weather surface at the North School from NEXT MONDAY 6-7pm. At present, we have booked half the pitch which should be ample with cooperation between managers … but if you need more space let DH know. With the U7s [Little Ones] I am waiting for clarification from Jack and Sarah … but the plan is also Mondays at the North.

All other squads: your manager/admin has organised so please be clear on when and where your training takes place during the winter. Managers choose whether to train one or two nights during winter but please all keep DH informed to enable the website to hold up-to-date information. Don’t forget our own portable lights are classed as Ryman League standard … I accept that putting them away late at night is not fun … but it is an option perhaps some coaches [with the physical help of parents] might wish to consider.

Under 7s by the way, you have a game on Saturday … so please be at training on Wednesday to get the details [which are in fact on the Fixture/Events tab].



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