[updated throughout] Wednesday with Zarah

Urgent update for Little Ones: 


We start at East Stour Primary on 21 October

Happy birthday today to loyal clubman Ryan Ford!

Zarah 3Clubhouse opens today at 4.45pm for those training at Waterside

All managers are reminded that the portable lights can be used during the winter

Seniors and U18s: please be at North School ready to start at 8pm in the sports hall

Youth Forum

youthforum-engThe next get-together of the Youth Forum is this Friday at 7pm when it is hoped all of the U14 Colts will attend; plus those that expressed their interest at the last gathering. To those aged between 13-18 who have not received a written invite, you are of course most welcome to come along and give your views and perhaps play an active role in the progression of youth within our club. Sam Phelan is our chair-in-waiting while senior officers facilitating the evening are Terry, Shane and DH. Sean and Martin: there may be some players within your ranks that might like to be a part of the evening that perhaps have not been before? We anticipate finishing at about 8.45pm at which time parents/supporters are welcome to join us and ask questions/chat. Thanks DH

Please note the following can be collected Weds/Thurs between 5-6pm and Friday [U14 Colts] from 7pm:

025 Jordan Griffin
105 Ben Tinker
255 Joshua Austin
292 Samyang

127 Samuel Woch
155 Ryan Bugden
271 Michael Baldock
292 Samyang

Numbered club t-shirts
286 Luke R
351 Reggie B

Competition with £50 voucher!

Have you entered the latest Competition yet?

Click on the Competition tab for details

Click on the Competition tab for details


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