Wednesday 21 October 2015 with McDonalds/Under 10s Respect Event Fixtures

Charter standard club and mcdonalds

Clubhouse opens today at 4.30pm and will stay open for the seniors and U18s after their training.

Training at Waterside as usual plus East Stour Primary School [Little Ones 5-6pm]; U10s Imagine 6-7pm; seniors and U18s indoors at the North School 8pm sharp please. Any doubt, please contact your admin/manager … numbers are on the Contact Us tab.


+ Those waiting endlessly for garments and bags: apologies but Shane is doing his best to make sense of what is going on with our suppliers!

+ Some of you owe money … sorry to mention it but you do! Up-to-date statements will be issued at the weekend to the minority it involves. I would appreciate bar debts being settled … some of you have genuinely forgotten that you even took out a tab. Thanks DH

+ Good luck to Cade, Fin and Ben who begin coaching today as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.

This Saturday, we are honoured to stage the ADYFL U10s Respect Event. Here are the teams and fixtures:

1 – Ashford Courtside                             A – Biddenden MM

2 – Biddenden                                            B – Bromley Green

3 – Cantiaci                                                  C – Faversham

4 – Grasshoppers                                      D – Mersham

5 – Park Farm Rangers                            E – Park Farm Rangers Colts

6 – Smeeth & Brabourne                         F – Smarden

7 – Tenterden Tigers                                 G – Tenterden Pumas

8 – Wye

Pitch 1:                                     Pitch 2:                                   Pitch 3:          

09.00am – 7v3                      09.00am – 8v1                      09.00am – GvE

09.10am – 1v2                      09.10am – 3v4                      09.10am – AvB

09.20am – CvD                     09.20am – 5v6                      09.20am – 2v3

09.30am – EvF                      09.30am – 7v8                      09.30am – GvA

09.40am – 4v5                      09.40am – BvC                      09.40am – 7v2

09.50am – 8v3                      09.50am – GvB                     09.50am – DvA

10.00am – 7v4                      10.00am – 5v1                      10.00am – GvF

10.10am – 6v3                      10.10am – BvD                     10.10am – 8v2

10.20am – GvC                     10.20am – 7v5                      10.20am – 1v4

10.30am – BvE                      10.30am –FvD                       10.30am – 8v6

10.40am – 2v5                      10.40am – 1v3                      10.40am – AvC

10.50am –7v6                       10.50am – 8v4                      10.50am – GvD

11.00am – EvC                      11.00am – BvF                      11.00am – 3v5

11.10am – 6v4                      11.10am – 7v1                      11.10am – EvA

11.20am – FvC                      11.20am – 2v6                      11.20am – 8v5

Please note all games will be 8 minutes one way

Registration will be at 8.30am


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