Survey on local adult football … message from Geoff Wickens


Geoff Wickens

Hello everybody,

Kent FA currently has a survey running which is the most comprehensive research that it has ever undertaken. Details can be found on the Association’s website ( and, in partnership with the University of Kent, contributions are being sought from adult players and volunteers involved in adult football throughout the County. These contributions will give Kent FA the fullest picture yet of the experiences and views of those directly participating in the game.
The survey will form a fundamental part of the research as a whole as it will identify the reasons for the declining numbers of people participating in adult 11 v 11 football for which the survey aims to provide practical solutions and recommendations to overcome the problem within available resources and with the support of the County Association.
Kent FA Chief Executive, Paul Dolan, has said “The adult 11 v 11 game is at a crossroads and is facing huge challenges. This is why it is fundamental that we listen to the key stakeholders to ensure that this format of the game in Kent is available and appropriate to everyone that enjoys playing and volunteering”.
Individuals  can contribute to the research by completing the online survey to be found on the website and clubs, by completing the survey, will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a Nike team football kit consisting of 15 outfield kits plus a goalkeeper’s kit. Should a club have any games or planned functions where Kent FA representatives can meet groups of players and get surveys completed it should contact Lee Suter ( ) and he will be pleased to supply such further details as may be required.
The survey is, in fact, designed for both those that currently play adult 11 v 11 football and those that no longer do so and it is important that the County Association engages with players of former teams that have folded who should also contact Lee Suter as above.
I hope that some of you will be prepared to participate in the survey as I believe that it is vitally important that ways and means to halt the current decline must be found if our League, for one, is to survive.
Geoff Wickens (ADFL Gen Sec)

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