Sunday 1 May 2016 with Trinity Flooring/Happy birthday Deb/U18s off

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Bromley Green tournament 4/5 June is almost full … any team(s) still wishing to enter  are asked to email for further details

Happy birthday today to Executive member Debby Claber!

Deb loves having her photo taken ... not!

Deb loves having her photo taken … not!

Apparently the U18s game with Pilgrims is off  as they only have 7 players

As far as we know, the U14s game at Kennington is on

Tournaments entered to date are listed below

Date Tournament BG Entries
2016.05.14 South Ashford U7, U8
2016.05.15 South Ashford U11, U12, U14 (SP)
2016.05.21 Wye U9, U10, U14 (SP)
2016.05.21 Ashford United U7 , U8, U12
2016.05.22 Ashford United U11, U14 (DR)
2016.05.22 Thanet Colts U13
2016.05.28 Ken Jun Charity Event U14 (DR)
2016.05.29 Kennington Juniors U7, U8, U9, U11, U12
2016.06.04 Bromley Green All BG teams entered
2016.06.05 Bromley Green All BG teams entered
2016.06.11 Faversham Strike Force U18, U12
2016.06.12 Faversham Strike Force U13 (RF), U14 (SP)
2016.06.11 Barming Youth U14 (MW)
2016.06.12 Barming Youth U18, Mens
2016.07.03 Dawes Hernhill Herons U12, U13 (RF)
2016.07.03 Woodnesborough U14 (MW)
2016.07.09 Vinters U7, U8, U9, U18
2016.07.10 Vinters U12, U14 (DR)
2016.08.20 Snowdown U8

BG Valiants training this morning as usual at Waterside

Good luck to the U14s (at Kennington) and the U18s (at Pilgrims) with both games kicking off at 2pm

Clubhouse open for the big games on SKY


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