Keeping opportunity at half term

A plug for our good friend Matt Burt


The next MBGKA Course is next WEDNESDAY 1ST JUNE 2016 which will run from 10am-2pm @ Kingsnorth. A superb chance for 4 hours of professional goalkeeper training here in Ashford. I appreciate all of you who book up on my GK Courses. MBGKA runs as my full-time business and job – every GK who trains with MBGKA is greatly valued and every sign up I appreciate greatly. It is my passion and hobby and I will continue to provide as great a service as possible to all who work with me!

The price is £25 as normal; Please let me know if you would like to book a spot and enjoy 4 hours of goalkeeping with MBGKA; one of the England’s most respected GK Coaching businesses.

If you know of GK’s or new GK’s who would be interested in seeing what MBGKA is like and have them book in from you I am more than happy to discount the cost of the session for you! I am always looking for new GK’s.


If there are 5 keepers at Bromley Green that would like to participate, there will be a group discount … email Matt direct at


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