Early risers off to Vinters … Sunday at dawn with Brailsford Rowe Accountancy

Bromley Green U12s all ready for the tournament this morning

All on time ... well done and have fun!

All on time … well done and have fun!

brailsfordroweSuperb attitude by our U12s at the crack of dawn as they prepared for the trip to Vinters [5-a-side] with David and Charles. Time flies by so quickly and the squad are moving up as U13s into 11-a-side next season – meaning they need some new recruits. All new faces welcome to turn up at training Monday or Wednesday – start time is 6.30pm. All you need to bring is boots and shin pads. Or, in the first instance, email dhomewood@yahoo.com.

More photos of all our teams in action throughout the day … including the U14s with Duncan and Sean at Vinters and the new U14s with Rob at Homelands.

Can I have a response please from the U7s (Thomas), U8s (James), U10s (Pat), U11s (Sid) U13s (Dave/Charles) and U14s (Rob) re booking for Butlins Tournament next May. Thanks dhomewood@yahoo.com.

Have a great Sunday!


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