Sunday 10 July 2016 with Skoda Seat

Clubhouse open from 7am 12 midday today

Skoda SeatU12s (David Spencer/Charles Fletcher) please meet in the clubhouse by 7.30am to prepare for trip to Vinters 5-a-side tournament.

David please have keys with you in case I have gone upon your return (plenty of food and drink if team wants it!).

U14s x2 (Dunk/Sean) good luck at Vinters 5-a-side tournament and new U14s (Rob) good luck at Homelands. As far as I know, you are all going straight to the events. DH

Can all teams ping photos to

Bromley Green Valiants: training at Waterside as per schedule this morning.

Random slideshow from yesterday at Waterside and Vinters … please scroll down for more images

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Updates as they arrive …


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