Belgium info/More images from the week

Butlins: 28 April – 1 May 2017. Teams interested in taking part in one of the country’s top tournaments, please let me know within the next few days to enable us to claim the early bird discounts.

We have a full allocation going to the Ardennes next month with the U14s and U18s taking part in a tournament; here are the basic details for those it concerns:

B E L G I U M   2 0 1 6

Depart Friday 12 August 2016 at 8.45am

Return Sunday 14 August 2016 mid afternoon/early evening

Please bring minimal luggage … and don’t forget shin pads and suitable footwear to cater for all conditions

We have our own coach with toilet facilities on board

Rooming is 6 per room and each room will include at least one supervising adult

The hotel is top class and all members of the group are to adhere to the Club Rules and Code of Conduct covering such events

Any member(s) causing the club to lose its deposit due to unacceptable behaviour will be disciplined under Club Rules and will have to recompense BGFC accordingly

One important thing that hopefully no-one has overlooked … check your passport is current!

If you are one of the few that still need to settle in full, please act now

Thank you, have a memorable time; and let’s all remember we are representing our club, town and country

Dave Homewood [Honorary Patron]

Preferred method of payment BACS
Bromley Green FC
Account 10203874 Sort Code 200262
[Other methods: cheque made out to Bromley Green FC or cash]

Tonight (Thursday) only the Under 14s have training

Here are a few photos from earlier in the week


Nathan receives his voucher for Player of the Tournament at Waterside last month


Conan with his voucher for Player of the Tournament at Homelands


20160712_191139 20160712_191346 20160712_191254 20160712_191232 20160712_191112 20160712_191200 20160712_191049



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