Monday with Trinity Flooring/Sponsors wanted for Under 15s

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm

Training is ON for all groups except Under 10s (Pat)

Sponsors of Bromley Green U14s next season

Sponsors of Bromley Green U14s

Friendlies wanted: our U14s and Sunday Seniors are seeking more pre-season friendlies. Preferably against sides we don’t meet during the coming season. Several dates remaining. Home or away. Please email

Dover Colts visit Waterside on Thursday for an Under 14 friendly. Kick off is at 6.30pm.

Sponsors wanted: all of our teams have sponsors except the two U15 sides … several promises but nothing as yet. Again, please contact for details.

Word has it that Toby has guided Debby and Pat back down Mount Snowdon to safety! Pictures to follow soon.


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