Tuesday with Skoda Caffyns

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm

All training as per the schedule

Belgium: due to a late drop-out we have a space for an U15 player. Please contact Sean Phelan or Dave Homewood if you are interested.

Butlins: need the consent forms completed now please for those that have not done them … there are plenty of hard copies in the clubhouse.

Skoda CaffynsThe following items are still in the clubhouse … some of you are on the holiday but the rest can you please collect … those waiting for bags/garments, please ber with us while we wait for deliveries  … thanks

Club tie
164 (Olly Elford)

Club bags
1312 (Barnaby)
373 (Matteo)
371 (Dominic)
370 (Harry Wood)
364 (Ruby)
351 (K Branch)
352 (Fiodor)
149 (Orlando)
082 (Matilda)
052 (Dawid)
381 (Frankie)
374 (Jamie Turner)
362 (Bartosz)
130 (Alfie Taylor)
131 (Sirjohn)

Club T-shirts
158 Jasper
374 Jamie Turner
225 (Milo)
130 (Alfie Taylor)
131 (Sirjohn)
093 (T Moon)

Club Polos
158 (Jasper)
364 (Ruby)
373 (Matteo)
374 (Jamie Turner)
075 (Ted)
370 (Harry W)
371 (Dom)
372 (Brayden)
088 (Levii)
093 (T Moon)

Green Jackets 
158 (Jasper)
I still have 032 (Kurtis)


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