Tuesday 15 November 2016: U8s Festival Fixtures

Under 8s: don’t forget you are on the all-weather outside pitch this evening 6-7pm … it has been published on the Events & Fixtures page for a fortnight

Under 15s Colts: training at Highworth as normal

Children’s Christmas Party 17 December 2016 from 4pm
childrens-christmas-party1Very nearly a sell-out already … any parents of players up to and including Sid’s U11s please move quickly now if you want your children to be part of the fun. Ticket sellers are Rachel, Lisa, Grant, Tasha and Lorraine. Even Father Christmas has to abide by the fire limit on numbers in the hall! £5 for children but adults are free. Clubhouse open all day for adults to relax while the kids play. Disco, face-painting, Father Christmas with presents, food, drink, McDonalds attending.

Looking forward to next Saturday …
U8s ADYFL Festival this Saturday 19 November 2016
All games will be 8 minutes one way
Registration will be at 9am
ALL players must be registered to the League and present during registration
Registration cards will need to be presented when registering the team

                 Group 1                            Group 2

  1. New Romney                 A South Ashford
  2. TSS                                  B Marsh Youth
  3. Park Farm Rangers      C Biddenden
  4. Hawkinge                       D Bromley Green
  5. Ashford Utd Tigers      E Bromley Green Colts
  6. Hythe                              F Park Farm Rangers Colts


TIME                         Pitch 1        Pitch 2     Pitch 3
09.30 – 09.40           B v E          A v D       C v F
09.45 – 09.55             4 v 1          2 v 5        3 v 6
09.55 – 10.05             C v D         A v B       F v E
10.05 – 10.15              1 v 2           3 v 4        6 v 5
10.15 – 10.25              A v C         F v B        E v D
10.25 – 10.35              1 v 3          6 v 2        5 v 4
10.35 – 10.45              F v A         E v C        D v B
10.45 – 10.55               1 v 6         5 v 3        4 v 2
10.55 – 11.05               A v E         D v F       B v C
11.05 – 11.15                5 v 1          4 v 6        2 v 3

Club Polos still in the clubhouse
The following club polo shirts have been in the clubhouse for a while now … can they be collected please either Wednesday or Thursday any time between 4.30 – 8pm … thank you:
259 Bailey Wickham
269 Oliver Mitchell
10971 Jake Asquith


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