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BG U16 Valiants into final … good luck lads!
It’s off to Birmingham in May for the finals of the People’s Cup after great display at New Malden today. Aaron’s report to follow …

BGV U16s at New Malden today

BGV U16s

Under 12s yesterday

The Under 12s on Saturday

‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.’
We went into the match today against Rolvenden with Great Expectations and the boys were unlucky in a very wind dominated contest.
The game began quickly going from end to end in the first couple minutes with the wind behind us. Even though we looked strong, Rolvenden seemed to be used to this kind of game playing quick football to feet which led to them taking the lead within the first five minutes. Not long after that, after some very neat attacking play Bromley were able to grab the second goal of the game with the prolific Freddie Copham placing the ball under the keeper to level it at 1-1. After this the game became physical from both sides with some players flying into tackles, some better timed than others, and the home side were able to take advantage from a free kick knocking the ball into the net to make it 2-1 midway through the first half. Corners became a huge part of the remainder of the half which seemed to slow the play down considerably. However, towards the end Freddie once again produced a lovely finish from the edge of the box to make it 8 goals in 4 games and to make it 2-2 which I believed was going to be all the action from the half. They say in football that you are at the most vulnerable after scoring and this proved to be the case with Rolvenden scoring in what seemed to be added extra time onto the first half, just before the whistle meaning the boys came off 3-2 down at half time.
We knew that the second half was going to be a different experience playing against the wind which seemed to have picked up and it showed with the boys struggling after the break to get the ball out of their own half which added pressure onto the defence and goalkeeper leading to mistimed kicks, headers and catches. Point in case with Rolvendens fifth goal from a corner which came in from the right but ended up going directly into the top left hand corner of the net, changing direction mid-air leaving Artjom without a chance of saving it even though his positioning was correct from the initial ball. Despite this, he demonstrated his strong shot stopping abilities saving a load of efforts that looked destined for the goal. He however was not the only one who stopped the ball with Callum pulling off two goal line clearances from out of nowhere towards the end of the game which looked like a scene from an action movie!
The final score and weather was very unkind on the boys today with the game ending 7-2, given this the Player of The Match was awarded to a defender who despite playing against an attacker who was about a foot taller than him managed to out muscle and close the door on multiple occasions and that was Toby Galton. He had been thrown into the position even though it is not his preference but gave 100% commitment and for that he deserved congratulations.
One more game left for the season, and one more winter training session away from home means that as of next week we can start to work on some of our weaknesses which have haunted the team over the season so watch this space.
Thank you for everything as always, James.
Local Sunday League results

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