Saturday 1 July 2017 with Trinity Flooring

Sid will open up at 8.30am today for the U10s. Shane can you open up for U15s please … thanks

Birthday greetings today to Jake Asquith and Luke Clark!

It’s Awards Day – so can we have everybody there please. Over 100 trophies. Free entry. Free food thanks to Michelle Edwards and of course the bar will be open. As always, we will need help as we are open from 4pm till close. Timings are on the Events & Fixtures page.

Trips and tours … a number of managers and parents have already enquired about trips and tours for their players. Anyone who wishes to begin paying instalments now, to ease the burden later on, is welcome to talk to their team manager and let me know. Thanks DH.

Repeat notification: BGV no training for older groups/adults on Sunday

Hope to see most of you tonight … there are some fantastic trophies to be awarded


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