Executive Statement re U14s

Issued 4 September 2017

“Due to five players deciding they were leaving just a few days prior to the season’s kick off, the club has had no alternative but to withdraw the Under 14s from the Ashford & District Youth League with immediate effect.

To add insult to injury, none of the players (or parents) in question had the common courtesy to inform Charlie directly, or indeed anyone on the Executive Committee that they were departing; instead he heard second hand through mates!

Considering Charlie has put his heart into keeping the side together over the past four years, the Executive consider this a lack of respect towards both himself and the club. There are other factors that do not sit comfortably such as officers paying for holidays for those that couldn’t otherwise afford to go. Thanks are not expected but neither is to be treated with such disdain. Some have very short memories.

As one parent has publicly stated, this action by the players concerned is ‘selfish’ and of course ruins the enjoyment of the rest of the squad. Wherever possible a place will be found for those loyal lads that want to stay; although it is accepted and understood that not all will want to play a year up.

Bromley Green will continue to strive to provide football for all youngsters that are keen and enjoy being part of a traditional family club … what it cannot do is cater for this kind of ill-timed action by those that presumably think the grass is greener elsewhere.”

End of statement


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