‘Big Tom’ would be proud of our youngsters

Monday was an emotionally-charged day and, in typical Bromley Green tradition, contained all of the ups and downs that life throws at each and every one of us.

A fitting tribute at midday to our dearly departed Thomas Habgood, followed by a dignified wake at The Albion and a few drinks to remember ‘Big Tom’ at the club in the evening. The humble clubhouse was buzzing with happy children and what better legacy could there be? Never forget, it’s people that make great clubs – not flash buildings or glory hunters.

As your Honorary Patron, this has been one of the most difficult past few weeks I have experienced since joining the Green 53 years ago; mourning mixed with celebration of life for Mark Stanley, Irene Stafford and, today, Thomas Habgood. You see, these were three very ‘special’ people who gave their time for others without ever seeking thanks or personal accolades.

When they are older, some of the children will remember their manager Tom. He shouted at them because he was passionate; he was Old School and had little time for the nonsense of today’s political correctness. He spent hours planning and trying to do his best for them. A one-off. Thank you Tom for never saying ‘no’ when the chips were down and I needed help. When you look down at your family club, I know you will be proud of our youngsters. Never forgotten. Rest in peace mate.

Dave Homewood


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