[updated throughout the day] Looking forward to the weekend …

Clubhouse open Saturday from 8am with Leah-Ann your hostess

Bags to be collected please by
424 Joshua Johny
431 Tyler Sorsbie
437 Edwin

On the clubhouse TV today Crystal Palace v Southampton (12.30pm)

Statement from Dave Homewood

14 September 2017

As from today, Mark Fuller will manage Bromley Green U15s. I have no choice but to step down after 44 years of successfully managing teams due to the fact that I hold no desire to now embark on a coaching pathway.

I have been informed that spot checks are to be made at youth games this season and, if the manager doesn’t have the necessary badges, the game will be stopped. That would lead to embarrassment all round and that is the last thing I want for the boys.

The club will support Mark through the process and I hope everyone will offer him the same level of help that I have received. As he is new to team management, Mark has, I have been informed, one year to gain his qualification; whereas that does not apply to myself. I will still be around for the boys of course and, for the time being at least, will continue with all my other duties within the club.

The squad inherited from Rob has grown with new signings and five good lads from the U14s and I see no reason why they should not have a really successful future. I accept this is not the ideal time for change but I repeat – there is no choice.

My thanks to the parents and boys with whom I will always remain close.

Dave Homewood

Advance notice re winter training
Please note winter training schedule starts from the week beginning Monday 16 October 2017. Full details are on the Events & Fixtures page.

The weekend is almost here …
Another exciting weekend beckons as the managers prepare for league and friendly match action. For all the fixtures and meeting times please refer to the Events & Fixtures page.

U10s squad for Saturday
Preston, .Josh, Harrison, Timmy, Alfie,
Riley, Hurk, Kieran, Kacper, David, Jevin

U15s squad for Saturday 
Message from Mark: anyone not in the squad this week will be next Saturday – I simply can’t pick everyone
Nathan, George, Lennon, Frankie, Lorenzo, Charlie, Conan, Ben, Brendan, Ilja, Kai, Jordan, Keiron, Lashman, Alex, Sonny

Meet 8.15am in the clubhouse and those that have kit at home … bring it! Only Kai and Jordan to go straight to Weald. The venue and postcode is published on the Events & Fixtures page. Any player that can’t make it should ring Mark (contact details are on the Contact Us page).

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