Tuesday 7 November 2017 with Glenn Mackett Construction

Training tonight for the U9s as normal indoors at the North School

Advance notice: all Bromley Green teams are to observe a minute of silence on Saturday prior to kick offs please. Sunday seniors note your kick off in the Kent Junior Trophy is 11.05am.

Please note I am having problems with downloads on my mobile for some reason. Therefore, until further notice, any photos etc please email to dhomewood@yahoo.com. Also, once again, I do not answer anonymous, withheld or ‘private’ numbers. If you are legit, simply text me your ID/message and I will respond. Thank you. DH.

Forthcoming Events

Tickets now on sale … speak to your manager or admin. There is a fire limit to numbers so don’t leave it too late! Ticket only as all children will get a present from Father Christmas [so we need to know numbers!]

Santa, Music, Games, Presents, Food & Drink

U6s, U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s

Saturday 9 December 2017

In the Children’s Centre from 3pm

Child ticket £5 (adults free!)

B o x i n g    D a y   i s   F a m i l y   Fun   Day

Thomas Habgood Memorable Match (11am)

Quiz (2pm)

Food and Drink (All day!)

 We are open from 10am

Bring your leftovers … everybody welcome!

Vets line-up so far for 25 November at home to Pilgrims Vets (still waiting for a few to respond)

Grant Turner, James Branch, Martyn Smith, Ilir Caka, Sid Hone, Lee Gilham, Rob Finn, Alex Hebbes, Brian Edwards, Kevin Hollamby, Leon Reed, Leigh Crocker, Matt Stanley, Mick ‘The Rat’ Smith, Andy Sutton, Mark Fuller, Ian Mace, Terry Perk


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