[updates] Thursday 11 January 2018: stats news

Update 4.45pm: U10s manager ‘…waiting to hear from parents’
Rob Finn asks again that parents respond to texts … only four have declared their availability for Saturday (Alfie, Herk, Timmy, Riley). Can those it involves please contact Rob now. Thank you.

Update: Saturday firsts and U11s games are OFF on Saturday. Kent University cannot raise a side while Grant has a host of injuries and illness.

Training as per the schedule this evening … refer to the Events & Fixtures page for venues/times

No games over the seasonal period, no nets to put up and take down; Brian finds a new pastime

Brian you’ve missed a bit!

Seniors reach milestones
Some career landmarks have been reached by senior players in the first part of the season and we will be celebrating with the lads once things settle down following the seasonal break and unobliging weather.

On the goal trail, Jordan Griffin has taken his tally to 104 while Ryan Prior is just five away from his century. Richard Floyd has passed the 200 appearances mark and Josh Ahmad and Kieran Shrimpton have each notched up 100 outings. Jamie Hurst is three games away from reaching 200 appearances. Lots more stats will be available in the clubhouse and published on here over the next few days.

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