[updated] Thursday 18 January 2018: Vets squad updated

All training is ON this evening (if in doubt, please refer to the Events & Fixtures page)

We wish speedy recoveries to Fred Moon, Jake Edwards and Charlie Ward

Any of you want to form a Bromley Green 6-a-side team? Need to know pretty sharp. And is Tuesday your best day if so? Have to be aged 16 or over. Let me know please on here or dhomewood@yahoo.com. I won’t be there to wipe your arses every week but I am told we can enter free.


Home to Whitstable Vets

Saturday 20 January 2018

Kick off 1.30pm (Meet clubhouse by 12.30pm)

Here is the line-up so far, contact Sid if we have missed you out!

1 James Branch
2 Alan Stevens
3 Sid Hone
4 Andrew Charlton
5 Mick Smith
6 Martyn Smith
7 Andy Sutton
8 Kevin Hollamby
9 Leon Reed
10 Mark Fuller
11 Shaun Byrd
12 Grant Turner
13 Matt Stanley
14 Terry Perk
15 Peter McRobert

Please don’t enter your name if you are not going to turn up


Need a referee: Neil has other match commitments … anyone help?

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