Today’s results/Under 8s continue to shine/As it happens from Gillingham

Pitch watch: Sunday pm – sadly today’s rain has left the pitches in an even worse state and the forecast is not too promising

Perhaps Pep has a point! For the second time on Saturday, U15s captain Conan is taken out in the box but no foul given. We need VAR!

It’s old friends Fox Sunday in this season’s cup final on 18 March

Today’s senior results in a reduced Sunday League programme

Locomotive 4-1 Brewmaster

Division One
Lolzors 3-6 Prince Albert

Division Two
South Willesborough 6-3 Master Brewer

Division Three
Kingsnorth Pilgrims 0-7 Ashford United

Division Three Cup semi-final
Givaudan 1-3 Fox Sunday

Martyn Smith on the Under 8s game away to South Ashford

A local derby this morning at south ashford wich was a very entertaining game. Tackles went flying in, great passing and movement by both teams who were right up for this. Absolute superb from Alfie our number 1 and well deserved McDonalds PoM. A great game of football agreed by both teams and a fair result goals by Jake and Tyler . Team Alfie Joe Aiden Jake Brad Lucas Tyler Seb … well done boys!

The U8s back in the warm!
Alfie T … our McDonalds PoM after the U8s marvellous encounter with South Ashford

BGV Juniors/U16s in action at the moment

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