[snow update] Tuesday 27 February 2018

Urgent updates

On grounds of safety, training at Highworth and the North School is OFF this evening. A certain irony but both of the ‘all-weather pitches’ are not safe. For news of tomorrow, please refer here and updates will be given immediately we have any news.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt         Abraham Lincoln

Happy birthday today to Jake Fuller!

New stock now in of the ever-popular Bromley Green hats … universal size … still at the 2016 price of £5.99

Golden rule: training is ON unless it states otherwise on the Events & Fixtures page. Tonight we are at Highworth 6pm (seniors) and the North 6pm (U10s on the 3G).

U16s looking forward to the future

Lenny was our U16s PoM, and winner of the £5 voucher, in Sunday’s superb display against our friends from Hawkinge Youth FC

Perhaps not the weather to start, but we are encouraging our U16s to gradually join in seniors training. There is a busy run-in to the season after a number of postponements and already plans are being put in place for next season. The lads have been asked to let Carl or Dave know their wishes with the initial idea being an U17 on Sundays and a second senior side on Saturdays, with a few of our experienced chaps, to aid the transition from junior to senior football.

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