Sorry … all off Monday at Lake Waterside

Lake Waterside … ferry service now available
6pm and the river has burst … think I am going home!

Due to everything being beaten by the weather tonight, the clubhouse will only be open for admin from 5-6pm. Anyone that needs to see me, please pop in or email Thank you DH.

Updates: Under 8s training is OFF; Under 9s training is OFF; Under 10s training is OFF; Under 11s training is OFF; Seniors away to Tenterden is OFF.

More details as they arrive. Again, any manager wanting to cancel training due to the weather, should do so by 1pm today please in consideration of players and parents. Than you DH.

Clubhouse open today from 5pm

Officer in charge this evening: Dave Homewood

Weather Watch Monday 30 April 2018

It really is miserable out there but training for each side will be ON this evening unless the manager decides it is dangerous. Can managers please make a decision by 1pm and let DH know by email or text to enable immediate notification on here. In fairness to parents and children, especially with the traffic chaos at present, please don’t leave it too late. Hopefully all sessions will go ahead as planned as a drop of rain is not an excuse to cancel; but safety of the children must be paramount.

Saturday lads away to Tenterden this evening 
Our Saturday seniors make the short journey down the A28 tonight to meet Tenterden at Tenterden Recreation Ground (6.30pm). Please meet in the clubhouse by 5.15pm. When you get back, we will be showing the Spurs v Watford match on the box with special bar offers for one night only (cash/card only).

Monday 30 April 2018
On the clubhouse TV: Spurs v Watford (8pm)
Saturday seniors Away Tenterden Town (6.30pm) Players please meet in the clubhouse 5.15pm – NOW OFF 
Matt (U9s) 6-7pm training – NOW OFF
Martyn (U8s) 6.30-7.30pm training – NOW OFF
Rob (U10s) 6-7pm training – NOW OFF 
Grant (U11s) 6.15-7.15pm training

Not much action tonight thanks to the dreadful elements … a couple more images from the U12s on Saturday

Something is grabbing their attention
Swings and … roundabouts

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