Wednesday 9 May 2018

Birthday greetings today to Alex Hebbes and Jacqui Thomas!

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm

Just some of people’s personal belongings left in the rear of the clubhouse … I have given previous warnings … clear it tonight or it will be binned. Terry and/or Mike Perk, if you would like stuff for Africa, please shout now! Thank you DH.

Thank you to Les, who created the bench for Thomas Habgood

Can all recipients of the perennial awards please return them to the clubhouse during this week and by the weekend at the latest … thank you

Training is all ON this evening plus the U13s stage a local derby with Park Farm Rangers and the U12s have their final league match against Charing. Both games kick off at 6.30pm.

Parents of young children have complained re dog mess on the field 

Thank you to Dave Spencer for renovating the toilets … much more hygienic!

More toilet renovations

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