Tuesday 15 May 2018

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm

All training is on this evening (refer to the Events & Fixtures page if unsure)

Prospective managers, Steve and Max, would like to meet any current and prospective new senior players for next season. It is appreciated that, with midweek games, exams and goodness knows what else, that this is not the ideal time for more training and meetings but we need to really start now to get our act together cross-club for next season. Again, all of last season’s U16s are invited tonight. For the new Sunday team, as soon as we look organised, I will sort out some friendlies and tournaments. Arrive when you like but let’s have a light training session with Sid, Matt and the chaps at 6.30pm. Thank you DH.

Great to see some new faces among the youth teams last night … welcome!

Eight years ago!

Geoff Stanborough and Ian Mace at the 2010 dinner
Great memories!

Quite randomly, these photos sprang up on Google … doesn’t seem possible that it was eight years ago!

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