[updates] ESF Tournament details/fixtures

Update: Charing Sunday 0-10 Bromley Green … nearly there boys! Goals from Connor Gower 3, Ashley Webster 3, Layton Bryant, Kieran Shrimpton and 2 own goals. Gary’s PoM was Ashley.

Just heard … Saturday’s senior game is now at home. Officer in charge is Shane Cowley 07980786421.

Thursday: birthday greetings to our Mayor, Winston Michael!

Who is taking the Girls’ training session on Sunday at 10am please? Lisa will be opening the clubhouse Sunday at 7.45am. Thank you. DH

Thursday: Officer in charge Shane Cowley. Bar staff: Zac Cowley. For training arrangements, please refer to the Events & Fixtures page. Good luck to the seniors at Charing on Thursday night.

Wednesday: clubhouse open from 4.30pm … all training is ON tonight

The Under 8s and Under 13s meet at the club 9am this Friday for the trip to the ESF Festival at Butlins, Bognor Regis.

Ideally, everyone would travel on the luxury coach but some are making their own way there. Those not with the main group will need to find me in the camp’s concourse [adjacent to the bar] as I will collect everybody’s welcome pack, keys, wrist bands etc. Can we all try and be organised please as I have no intention of spending my life on a mobile phone! Allowing for a break for breakfast, junk food, whatever, our anticipated time of arrival at Bognor is 12.30pm. Thank you DH.

Some notes for those who haven’t been to the series of meetings that began at McDonalds before Christmas:

  1. Club rules and Code of Conduct will apply at all times
  2. Keep luggage to a minimum … we are not going for a fortnight!
  3. Towels are provided in the accommodation
  4. Unaccompanied children should have money for food (and amusements!) Advice is to ask an adult to look after spending money as in the past, come Friday night, some have wasted it all in the excitement!
  5. The room leaders are: Martyn S, Jeff N, Alan L, Sarah B, Brian E, James P, Dave H, Neil H, Mark F, Chloe E.
  6. For the presentation night, club uniform should be worn by all players please. If you don’t have a green top or club polo, perhaps borrow or at the last resort see DH on Tuesday night at the club.
  7. Those that take medication … make sure you have it with you!
  8. The link for our venue details, fixtures is http://www.esfscorecentre.co.uk


The under 8s begin against WSA FC (Saturday 10am)
The Under 13s begin against Brunswick FC (Saturday 10am)
All fixtures and kick off times are on the link

Last year when the guest was Robert Pires

France World Cup winner Robert Pires with the Bromley Green U14s last year
2014 Butlins Tournament. The U15s squad receive their medals from Liverpool legend Ian Rush.


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