More updates … more to follow

Clubhouse open Tuesday from 4pm – Officer in Charge Dave Homewood

Tuesday: Under 13s FIFA Night … please meet in the clubhouse by 6pm … everyone welcome!

Seniors: reminder training resumes on Tuesday 5 June at 6.30pm

Internal notes:

  • Those wanting school permission for leave letters will be in the clubhouse for collection today from 4pm.
  • Thanks to all those who supported and helped on the trip. Butlins money: still quite a bit outstanding … if we can sort asap please.
  • Managers: Need your award nominations please. If in doubt talk to DH now. Player of the Season ballot is conducted by DH, not managers.
  • Nominations for the Executive are now welcome. Please inform Dave Homewood if you, or someone you know, would like to be considered.
  • Andy Hone Memorial Day on Saturday. Help always needed with the BBQ, bar etc … so please don’t just leave it to the usual few.
  • Wednesday after training: IMPORTANT … our final planning meeting for the tournament. If you are down to help (or indeed want to join the band of workers) please attend the get-together. Meetings never go on for more than about half-hour. Thank you.

Butlins great experience: Martyn Smith reflects on a hectic weekend

Wow what a weekend 7 games 4 draws 3 loses no wins but very convincing and great experience for all the boys as most of the teams were academys with some of there lads playing at high level. So very happy with every single 1 of the boys they gave 100% and we can’t wait to go back next year. Goals from Tyler 4, Brad 1, Lucas 1 solid from Jake and Joe with some unbelievable saves from Alfie.

Under 8s
Bromley Green U8s with Casey Stoney and Teddy Sheringham

More photos to follow as soon as time permits …

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