Bank Holiday Monday

Busy few days to put it mildly! Hope Stephen Houghton had a great birthday!

Now in stock for the summer! Britain’s favourites

Cadbury Flake Cones, Magnums, Fruit Pastille lolly, Fab, Twister, Smarties Pop-Up, Mini Milk, Oreo, Ice poles and more … all at recommended retail price … all offers subject to availability

Please note there is no training Monday evening for any youth side

Still waiting for some managers to forward me their nominations for awards

Those with perennial trophies, I need them back during this week please … thanks DH

Still loads of garments and bags at the club waiting for collection (please come inside and ask and take away … cheers)

Friendlies for seniors: they are now being arranged and updates are published on the Events & Fixtures page

All those helping at the tournament next weekend, please contact Dave Homewood if you are not sure what time to arrive and/or what your role is [we still have a space for an U13 side if anyone knows of any potential entrants].


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