Wednesday 6 June 2018 with Trinity Flooring

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” (Oscar Wilde)

This coming weekend sees some early starts for tournaments … please set the alarms and not stress managers out by rolling up late! Most meet at 7.30am in the clubhouse. Those wanting water and Lucozade etc, it is suggested you buy it here before setting off as prices are usually double at external venues. Details of meeting times and venues, with postcodes, are on the Events & Fixtures page. In particular, please note the entry and parking arrangements for the Barming event. Thank you.

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm with Lisa

Site Management Committee Meeting 4.30pm (DH)

All training is on this evening as per the schedule (please refer to the Events & Fixtures page)

Well done to the U13s last night … some absent but good to see new faces as we need more players for next season. Tournament this weekend, so everyone at training Thursday please 6-7.30pm. Note that from next week U13s training changes to 7-8pm on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sunday reserves … we will build a young and happy squad … be glad when the exams are over! Thanks to Sid and Mark and, again, welcome to new faces and also the returning Louis Phelan.

Still bits of Butlins money owed: please settle asap … thank you

Looking ahead to Thursday: watch the England game on the box after training
England v Costa Rica – International Friendly (8pm)

Manager wanted

U8s: for next season. If you are interested, please contact Dave Homewood for further information. Email or TEXT 07761101988.

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