Wednesday 25 July 2018 with UpdDown Scaffolding

Neymar’s holding his face … you can tell by that it’s a knee injury

Clubhouse open today from 5pm

All training is on tonight as normal

Much better turn-out last night at training despite the humidity. Don’t forget to register with Lisa or you won’t be playing. Thursday provides another opportunity to sign-on. Sunday’s line-up, I will sort by Thursday when I have had chance to contact the lads.

Under 14s: full marks to the 6 that trained well but too many absentees again which ruins the drills. The boys each identified their areas to work on during the summer in readiness for the new season. Kieran, Jake, Freddie, Charlie, Igor and  Josh were our attendees.

More work on the pitches for Grant (seen here with foreman Brad!)

Grant does the lines …
… while Brad sees to the mowing

Charles Dickens would approve of our ethos … children of 8 should be earning their way in life! Sweeping chimneys for you next Brad.

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