Sunday 19 August 2018

A big shout to those who let the sides down this morning by not turning up or even sending a text or apology! What an inconsiderate and selfish society we inhabit these days.

One always tries to draw positives but having watched all three senior matches this weekend, the conclusion is that fitness training on Tuesday and Thursday with Ryck might not be a bad idea. All players from U14s upwards are welcome and the sessions begin at 6pm.

The mismatch between the reserves and Ashford Dynamo, with Cameron Bruce hitting a splendid left-footer for the Green, will not live long in the memory. A team thrown together at the last minute was never going to threaten the Blues. As I keep saying, don’t blame the lads that were there … blame those who failed to arrive.

Plenty of goals in the firsts match with a useful looking Park Farm Rangers side with the Green edging it despite two dismissals. Sad news is that Sean Gibbs has had to retire due to health issues while Matthew Wedge has left to join Ashford Dynamo.

Next week both teams are at home again.

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