Tuesday 4 September 2018

Urgent: anyone able to weld the broken back bar on one of the senior goals please?

Meeting at 7pm re Saturday Seniors. Need a replacement manager now as Josh has formally resigned. Contact dhomewood@yahoo.com or just turn up this evening as we try and resolve issues.

Training is as per the schedule this evening plus Ilir’s U9 Warriors who start at 6pm

Can any manager/coach intending to alter training days and/or times, please consult Dave Homewood first or we will end up with chaos! There are logistical, staffing, safeguarding reasons and all parents must be informed well in advance of any alterations to the schedule if you do not encourage use of this website. I am also receiving complaints from some parents that they are not included on WhatsApp messages. If you insist on using such communication methods, please make sure ALL of your group are included. Thank you.

Under 14s: great to hear that the group will train at home during the winter months rather than visit external venues. Nicole and the parents are happy to use the lights and keep the same start time of 6.30pm on Mondays. Just an idea – but if another group puts the lights up (say for a 5.30pm start) and the U14s put them away perhaps? Shares the burden and keeps children in their comfort zone at the club.

Sponsored Penalties

Understandably, some of you are getting impatient re the thank you awards. I have been waiting for the rest of the cash to come in but to no avail. Therefore, a date/time to thank the children that excelled and made the effort will be set shortly.

Garments and bags

Long hold-up due to our suppliers in Germany now not stocking the JAKO range. However, we have sourced another company and things have at last started to move. Within the next two weeks we should be able to fulfil our obligations garment-wise. Thank you for being patients. Just to remind everyone how it works: (1) set up standing order which triggers a club number; (2) ensure sizes are clearly written on the BGFC Junior Membership Form; (3) the club will order accordingly. To reiterate: no standing order = no entitlements.

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