Midweek round-up

Clubhouse opens Thursday at 4.30pm

Please note managers/coaches: if you are working or otherwise unavailable to take your youth coaching session, please appoint a deputy and inform D Homewood for website purposes. Under no circumstances (other than a danger to safety) are sessions to be called off.

Youth managers please note: ADYFL match result sheets will be placed in your team folders this evening … top drawer of the filing cabinet

Registrations for youth sides: with the ADYFL kicking off this Saturday, all players should now be on our books and ALL standing orders set up. Last-minute admin might be possible but you need to contact Lisa as a matter of urgency please on 07713450042.

Happy birthday Henry!

Birthday cake on Wednesday evening for Henry and team mates

Training Thursday evening for: Alex U7s 5.30pm; Pat U8s Colts 5.30pm; Bobbie U8s 5.30pm; James U14s 7pm; Rob U11s 6pm; Dean U9sDVS 6pm; Martyn U9s 6.30pm; Ilir U9s Warriors 6pm; Rik U16s 6pm

Bromley Green Valiants look forward to Sunday’s Grading Tournament at The Abbey School, Faversham

BGV Adults grading tournament this coming Sunday, 9th September.  Can players please meet in the clubhouse at 8.30am to get kit and get changed.  Minibus has been asked to be ready for 8.45am departure to the venue.
Note for any new players: the venue is now The Abbey School, London Road, Faversham ME13 8RZ.
Registrations are between 9.30 – 9.45am and games are scheduled for between 10am and 1pm.
BGV A and BGV B are playing on 3G.  BGV C are indoors and should wear trainers/similar.

Statement from The Patron

“Official withdrawal from the Kent County League has regrettably been lodged by our Secretary, Stan Donald following a demoralising start to the league campaign. Two thumping opening home defeats left Josh Ahmad disillusioned, especially with absent players he thought were mates and, with no-one stepping into the hot seat, the club has no alternative but to fold the side. In essence, there was a lack of both stability, with 40 signed on, and indeed quality, following the exodus of established players over the past twelve months. Thanks are extended to Josh and Connor plus the (very few) remaining loyal lads who tried to make a go of it. We wish all players every success for the future.”

The last line-up for the County League squad on Saturday

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