Tuesday 25 September 2018

Jamie … you will enjoy this cake!

Birthday boy this week – Jamie Turner

I am not wanting to make too long a speech tonight as I am knowing your old English saying: “Early to bed and up with the cock”.        Hungarian diplomat

Birthday greetings today to Chairman Stanley Donald and Harry Mansfield!

I am at the club from 12.30pm to late tonight if anyone needs to talk quietly away from the Madding Crowd

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING TONIGHT – can we all make the effort please as there is much of importance to discuss … thank you. Start 7pm finish midnight (only joking)

Training only for U16s and U9s DVS at 6pm sharp. Players please change in the changing unit as a committee meeting is to commence at 7pm … thank you.

Inter-club friendly report from Martyn Smith

Inter club friendly was a bit of a friller end to end action thanks to the game from the u10s and hope to do it again soon goals Tyler Jake squad Alfie Cal Joe Brad Jake Tyler Olly Fred  player of the match picked by our sponsor Up Down Scaffolding, Jake

Well done Jake!
The U9s last night in their kit sponsored by UpDown Scaffolding

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