Tuesday 2 October 2018

Training as per the schedule tonight (refer to Events & Fixtures page if unsure of timings)

Officer in charge: Shane Cowley 07980786421

Borrowed this from facebook; but for those who think I go overboard about grammar and punctuation – have a read! Also, a good book is Eats, Shoots and Leaves (or is it Eats shoots and leaves?) For those really interested, I always have English exercises available in the clubhouse.

If anyone has anything to say or grumble about, please say it to my face as that’s the way I work … if not, put up or shut up … thank you DH

Apparently, some parents want more involvement … get in! See myself or an Executive colleague this evening (inside the clubhouse, not sitting on fences) and we will make sure you are not bored! Update: no-one turned up but perhaps tomorrow or Thursday?

As midweek approaches, thoughts turn to the weekend matches and what a thrilling prospect we have – including hosting the ADYFL U8 tournament. Unlike some, I always see this as an honour and, given decent weather, we are sure to put on a good show for the children. The adults are involved on Sunday in two more crucial matches … more about them later.

For the U14s … the chance to pit their wits on Sunday against Bredhurst Juniors of the Kent Youth League in the Central Park Stadium, Sittingbourne. We should be approaching such opportunities with belief and why not make our mark on the Kent Boys Cup? Nothing to lose and every experience to gain.


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