Wednesday 17 October 2018

Whoever shut the gate to the field tonight whilst training was getting under way … DON’T! I opened it at 1.30pm and, unless you are prepared to answer complaints about overspill parking onto the Swan Centre car park, I suggest you park on the field and/or in our own car park. Twats are still parking in front of the gate which is pretty obviously access for both cars and emergency vehicles. If anyone is unhappy with that, come and talk to me face to face and I will endeavour to explain even further. Maria Black has kindly purchased signs to try and help you understand. Thank you DH

Clubhouse open today from 1.30pm with DH if anyone needs a chat  … Leah-Ann your hostess from 5.30pm

All training is on as per the schedule

Support Lisa’s Meat Raffle … just £1 per team!

Choose your team(s) at the bar counter … all profits go to the club that we are all a part of

The U11s squad to face TSS away on Saturday
Alfie, Harrison, Charlie, Kieron B, Josh,
William, Sam, Thomas, Matteo, Ben, Timmy
[Preston and Kieron J unavailable]
Regards Rob

Under 10s details for Saturday

U10 Tournament @ Charing FC

Arthur Baker Playing Fields, Charing, Ashford, TN27 0JJ


Group 1 – Pitch 1 Group 2 – Pitch 2 Group 3 – Pitch 3 Group 4 – Pitch 4
1.Ashford Courtside A.Ashford Athletic T.Bromley Green L.Bromley Green Colts
2.Charing Blacks B. Hawkinge Youth U.Headcorn Harriers M.Charing Whites
3.Headcorn Stirlings C. High Halden X.Park Farm Rangers N.Hawkinge Eagles
4.Kennington D. Mersham Y.Pilgrims O.Park Farm Colts
5.New Romney E. South Ashford Z.Wye Pacific P.Wye Atlantic

 All games will be 10 minutes one way


  Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3 Pitch 4
09.30 1 v 2 A v B T v U L V M
09.45 3 v 4 C v D X v Y N V O
10.00 5 v 1 E v A Z v T                   P V L
10.15 2 v 3 B v C U v X M V N
10.30 4 v 5 D v E Y v Z O V P
10.45 1 v 3 A v C T v X L V N
11.00 2 v 4 B  v D U v Y M V O
11.15 3 v 5 C v E X v Z N V P
11.30 4 v 1 D v A Y v T O V L
11.45 5 v 2 E v B Z v U P V M

Quarter Finals

Pitch 1 Pitch 2
12.00       1.  Winner Group 1 v Winner Group 2    2.  Winner Group 3 v Winner Group 4
Pitch 3 Pitch 4
12.00 3. Runner Up Group 1 V Runner Up Group 2 4. Runner Up Group 3 V Runner Up Group 4

Semi Finals

Pitch 1 Pitch 2
12.15 1. Winner Game 1 V Winner Game 4 2. Winner Game 2 V Winner Game 3


Pitch 1
12.30 1. Winner Game 1 V Winner Game 2

Please note that registration will be at 09.00 for a 09.30 start, please register with a whole squad and registration cards or printed squad list.

This is a competitive tournament and the following points will be awarded

Win = 3pts

Draw = 1pt

Loss = 0pts


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