Wednesday 24 October 2018

Clubhouse open today from 4.30pm

Executive Committee meet this evening @7pm

Training tonight is on for Grant (U12s), James Branch (U13s) and BGV Adults … as far as I know, the rest have called off

Penalty Shoot-Out Awards next Tuesday at McDonalds

Not all the Penalty Shoot-Out money is in yet but – in fairness to those that have contributed – the date to present the awards has been set for Tuesday 30 October 2018 in the Conference Suite at McDonalds (High Street). Please arrive just before 6pm in the main restaurant and we will be shown through. Free meals for the children … I will see what I can do for the managers! It is hoped Executive members and parents will support the event. Remember, these are last year’s age groups.

The winners are: Ruben Cook (BGV Jun), Tyler Temple (U6), Stephen (U7), Alfie Tomkins (U8), Riley Brown (U9), Preston Webb (U10), Orlando (U11), Joe H (U12), Jake Edwards (U13)

The Top Fund-Raising awards: Daniel Searle (BGV Jun), Ibrahim Zureiqi (U7), Oliver Cole and Louis Taylor (U9), Alfie Collier and Josh Bailey (U10), Cameron Edwards (U11), Riley Kennedy (U12), Oliver Bell (U13)

Reminder: some teams still have some money to spend on equipment …speak to Dave Homewood if you want to spend!

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