Friday 24 October 2018: guide to reporting discrimination

Birthday greetings on Friday to veteran Gary Penfold!

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Under 11s squad to face Wye Whites on Saturday

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Reminder to all youth coaches/managers

Club policy is that ALL players meet at the club for home and away games and all return to change and place their kit in the kit bag to be laundered.  Players that don’t comply will not be eligible for Player of the Match/Tournament vouchers which should be presented on the day of the match/tournament (this applies to club vouchers and McDonalds). Vouchers cost the club around £2400 per annum and are a privilege and not a right … other clubs don’t offer them so please conform to our modus operandi. Kick off and meeting times should be forwarded to as soon as known for inclusion on the official information hub for the WHOLE CLUB

Discrimination … let’s eradicate it!



This guide is to provide guidance to all those involved in Football around reporting incidences of discrimination, to the Kent FA, Kick It Out or The FA.

The information contained within this guidance outlines what details are required to report any discriminatory incident that anyone in Kent may have experienced in football.In all instances, it is imperative that you report any issues of discrimination and let usknow.

When reporting an incident it is important to provide as much detail as possible aboutwhat happened. We recognise that this process can be difficult, and may be distressing, but it is vital that you mention key pieces of information. Some of the key facts that wewill want to establish are as follows:

• Where and when did the incident(s) take place?

• What exactly happened?

• Who said/did what to whom?

• What are the relationships/roles of the parties involved in the incident?

  • How close were you to the incident and did you have an unobstructed view?
  • Did you witness the incident first-hand or was it reported to you? If so, by whom?• What are the names and/or descriptions of those involved in the incident, including other possible witnesses?• What happened after the incident and has it been reported to anyone else e.g. the police?• Is there anything else we should know – e.g? Past history between the parties?The recent development of social media has led to this being a vehicle for people to exhibit discriminatory behaviour. Some of the key facts relating to discrimination viasocial media that we will want to establish are as follows:

    • What format did you observe the discrimination?(i.e.Twitter;Facebook;Instagrametc)?

    • Can you provide links to the page?
    • Can you provide a screenshot of the comment?
    • Can you provide details of the account(s) and name(s) of those involved?

    This list of questions is not exhaustive. However, it should provide a good guide to the type of information which is needed for the matter to be assessed properly.

All investigations are confidential and any information relating to an investigation willnot be made public, in line with the Data Protection Act. The outcome of anyinvestigation will be communicated to all parties involved in it.

The Kent FA may share information confidentially with other organisations such as TheFA, Kick It Out or the Police. The Kent FA may also put an investigation on hold pending the result of another agency’s inquiry. This is most likely if an incident is serious enough that the police are involved.

You can send details of any incident to Kent FA via email or post:
For email correspondence please send your report into equality@kentfa.comFor postal correspondence please send your report to the following address:

Inclusion Officer
Kent FA Invicta HouseCobdown Park, Ditton Nr Aylesford, KentME20 6DQ

If you would like to discuss your complaint with a member of Kent FA staff please callthe following numbers:

01622 791850 – to speak to a member of discipline
01622 792140 – to speak to a member of football development

The Kent FA has an Equality Action Group which advises the County Association on how it can work in the most inclusive way. If you would like to contact any member of thatgroup for any further advice here are their contact details:

Tony Rana, Chair

Darryl Haden, Kent

In addition to this The FA has a dedicated free phone reporting line (0800 085 0508)and e-mail address for people to report anyallegation of discrimination. You can also report discrimination to Kick It Out on0800 1699 414 or by completing an online reporting form on their website


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