Midweek with McDonalds

Clubhouse is open from 7am to 11am Wednesday for garment collection, club hat purchases … or if you want to discuss any club matters just pop in for a cuppa!

Available to collect from the clubhouse NOW
(open Wednesday 7am – 11am)

Green jackets
519       [Size LA]         Gavin Brown
520      [Size LA]         Sid Hone
1465    [Size 128]        Bobby Welsh-Close
489      [Size 164]        Diesel Hinton
493      [Size 140]        J Joseph
494      [Size 128]        Isaac Joseph
11930  [Size 140]        Charlie Jupp
524      [Size 128]        Mel Matiyanganga
525      [Size 140]        Leo Olson
527      [Size 140]        William Spiers
289      [Size 164]        Ruben Cook
528      [Size 140]        Archie Price
529      [Size MA]         Alex Roji
532      [Size 152]        Jae Jae Griffiths
234      [Size LA]         Matt Wedge
443      [Size 152]        Alfie Tappenden
536      [Size 164]        Cayden Furnell
518      [Size XLA]       Joe Croxon
521      [Size 4XL]        Matt Church
495      [Size 152]        Danny Shaw
496      [Size XLA]       Paul Johnston

136 XLY Kieran Black
395 LY  Archie Potts
483 MY  Oliver McRobert
487 XLY Lewis Jenkins
432 LY  Tommy Jenkins
153 SA  Cameron Edwards
480 SA  Ben Read
490 SA  Rudi Friday
491 LY  Kai Nelson
520 LA  Sid Hone

472 MY Alfie Burgess
475 MY Harvey Hatcher
478 MY Tyler (Lulu)
394 MY Lenny Buss
479 MY Tyler Quarrie
377 MY Thomas Hawkins
395 MY Archie Potts
483 SY Oliver McRobert
433 MY Ollie N Bell
459 LA Dean Mansfield
459 LA Dean Mansfield
487 MY Lewis Jenkins
432 MY Tommy Jenkins
489 XLY Diesel Hinton
153 SA Cameron Edwards
480 SA Ben Read
490 SA Rudi Friday
491 LY Kai Nelson

Under 14s need friendly on Saturday
Due to Staplehurst pulling out of Saturday’s fixture, the Green Under 14s are seeking a friendly for this Saturday at Waterside. Any team(s) wanting further details please contact Lisa Copham on 07713450042. On Sunday the squad, starting to plan for the club’s re-entry into the EKYL next season, welcome Cheriton United U13s for a friendly with a 2pm kick off.

Training as per the schedule Wednesday evening (please refer to the Events & Fixtures page if in doubt)

Some more images from McDonalds-sponsored BGFC Under 11s

Well done Kieran … our U11s McDonalds PoM at Pilgrims on Saturday
Matteo and Alfie on the chase while Brian dreams of a beer!
Bit chilly but the U11s put up a great show and this coming Saturday visit their sponsors McDonalds
Great local derby despite the elements
Here comes the corner … Pilgrims attacking Preston and his defence

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