Tuesday 13 November 2018 with SIMS Milling Services Ltd

Training is on as per the schedule this evening with the U9 DVS squad at Waterside and the U10 Colts indoors at the North School … both groups commence at 6pm

Change of kick off time and venue for the Under 16s on Sunday in the Kent Boys Cup: details on the Events & Fixtures page

Under 11s you are at McDonalds on Saturday: details on the Events & Fixtures page

Green jackets to collect from the clubhouse on Saturday/Sunday

1465    [Size 128]        Bobby Welsh-Close

489      [Size 164]        Diesel Hinton

493      [Size 140]        J Joseph

494      [Size 128]        Isaac Joseph

11930  [Size 140]        Charlie Jupp

524      [Size 128]        Mel Matiyanganga

525      [Size 140]        Leo Olson

527      [Size 140]        William Spiers

289      [Size 164]        Ruben Cook

528      [Size 140]        Archie Price

529      [Size MA]         Alex Roji

532      [Size 152]        Jae Jae Griffiths

234      [Size LA]          Matt Wedge

443      [Size 152]        Alfie Tappenden

536      [Size 164]        Cayden Furnell

518      [Size XLA]        Joe Croxon

521      [Size 4XL]         Matt Church

495      [Size 152]        Danny Shaw

496      [Size XLA]        Paul Johnston

Brayden returns to the action

Welcome back to Brayden Gillam after a couple of years absence. Brayden joins the ever-improving Under 14s squad at an exciting time as we look to re-enter the EKYL at Under 15s next season and give the lads football both days. A home friendly is sought this Saturday after Staplehurst dropped out while on Sunday the building continues with a friendly at home to Cheriton United with kick off at Waterside set for 2pm. As we are planning plenty of friendlies, anyone with an interest is welcome to come and see whether they may wish to join us and the contact is Lisa Copham on 07713450042

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