Towards the end of a somewhat wet week with Key Auto Trade

Clubhouse open Thursday from 2pm – 9pm with Dave Homewood

Update: Bobbie (U8s) and Pat (U8 Colts) have both cancelled training for tonight – sorry for the disappointment and any inconvenience caused

Update: Alex (U7s) has cancelled training at Repton tonight (Lisa can you let the school know please … cheers)

Update message from Grant Turner: Those training at the club but not on the MUGA to stay off the pitches in an attempt to keep them playable that includes the BG Valiants.  Thank you Grant

Sometimes, perhaps we need to reflect …

Rarely on this website does commentary venture outside of the football world – and efforts are made towards adhering closely to our policy of desisting partisanship concerning religion or politics.

Indeed, we have a proud, and I would suggest unrivalled, record of promoting inclusion and harmony between many cultures, religions, colours, ages, genders and ethnic origins.

However, on occasions, perhaps it is incumbent upon us all to consider the bigger picture within our wider society; especially concerning young people who are, and always have been, the primary foundation stone of our club’s raison d’etre. In sport, there is no room for discrimination and/or ugly prejudice and, all the time I am your Patron, they will not manifest their malevolent seeds amongst our membership.

So, where is this leading? Quite simply some ‘acts’ transcend all our personal beliefs. Reference here is to the sickening bullying of a vulnerable Syrian refugee boy at school in Huddersfield. Most of you will have watched it by now I guess on the news or You Tube. It doesn’t matter what his religion, culture, colour etc are – he is a human being and it made me feel ashamed to be British. Of course, money is pouring in to help the family to sue the school and so forth. That isn’t the answer … feeding the greedy lawyers will solve nothing as the school by default will now have to reform. The boy, his sisters, need love and a feeling of safety and being wanted. He didn’t create his awful background. Somehow, we all have to educate ourselves in humanistic fashion – and I would lay odds that the boy that bullied was a victim himself.

It is several decades past that my predecessor Bill Mickelborough passed away … he gave so much of his life to this club and what he taught many of us, in his own inimitable manner, was not in vain. He offered everybody wisdom, a rolled fag, a cup of tea, a kick up the backside if warranted and a straight answer. He was not overly into political correctness! But we respected his down-to-earth approach. I was a young schoolboy when I first joined BGFC and was lucky to have real men like Bob Mummery, Tommy Stafford, Tony Marshall, John Kelly and Roger Sim amongst others to look after me. You learn so much from people with real life experiences and we are blessed to have the legendary Jack Stafford, an honourable man, proudly wearing his club tie, still supporting us at matches and awards days after all this time.

Bill used to say “All the time I have hole in my a*** the youngest child will be treated with the same respect as the oldest member”. That resonates in my head even to this day and, while I may sometimes shout and nag the kids, they know it is because they are cared for and I want them to succeed, feel safe and most importantly belong. A modern-day example of course is our dearly departed Tommy Habgood … he yelled at the children, he certainly did not mince his words. Was he a bully? Of course not, the little ones knew he was passionate and offered unconditional love to them all. As Shakespeare would say “Aye, there’s the rub”.

It is an honour and privilege to be at the helm of a long-established organisation that has provided support for literally thousands of children and adults from diverse backgrounds over 88 years. Let’s pray that, in time, the victims in Huddersfield (yes, the bully and the bullied are both victims) find a peaceful world of co-existence in the name of humanity.

Dave Homewood (Honorary Patron, BGFC)

Editor’s note:any opinions are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Executive Management Committee





Training for U16s at Pitchside 7-8pm
Training for U7s at Repton 6-7pm
Training for U8s/U8 Colts at Waterside 5-6pm
Training for U9DVS at Waterside 6-7pm
Training for U14s at Waterside 7-8pm

Please bring appropriate footwear to use on the MUGA at Waterside as the ground is waterlogged

Weather watch

Pretty depressing time of the year this for those of us who have football as their drug. Waterside is extremely wet at the moment and the weather forecast hardly raises the prospect of a full programme at the ground this weekend.

We can but hope that an exciting fixture schedule goes ahead and Friday will be the day of reckoning with an early inspection. We can but hope for kindness from above. A big concern for Grant and Brian is that the surface is too wet to mark out!




Domestic messages re garments and club bags
With most training away from the club during the winter and the weather causing havoc, things tend to drift along. However, the show must go on and can parents please try and attend to the messages below.

Sizes please
Oliver Cole: to order your new jacket, I require the size please.
Garment sizes also needed for: Kieran Jenkins, Adrian Faltinski, Ronnie Judge, Alfie Judge, Sam Ifeakor, Leo Downing, Sam Haines, Rylan Brazier, Jacob Rosier, Kodi Theobald, Ali, Amin, Arilus, Thomas Johnson, Tommy Taylor. If any of these members are not currently playing, please let DH know immediately.

BGFC Hoodies and Hats
Tyler Quarrie, Lulu (Tyler, Lance), Harley White, Henry Barnes, William Spiers, Daniel Cook: hoodies and hats are still in the clubhouse … please collect today if at all possible (I will be open until 9pm)

Club bags still waiting to be collected from the clubhouse
1465 Bobby Welsh-Close; 379 Olly Rump; 486 Kieran Jenkins: your club bags have been in the clubhouse for a while now … managers of these players – can you suggest they come inside the clubhouse and collect please … thank you

More club bags waiting for collection
360 Faltinski Adrian
345 Galton Toby
443 Tappenden Alfie
522 Judge Ronnie
523 Judge Alfie
524 Matiyangang Mel
525 Olsen Leo
526 Ifeakor Sam
527 Spiers William
528 Price Archie
529 Roji Alex
530 Smith Frankie
531 Robinson Braydon
532 Griffiths Jae-Jae
533 Downing Leo
534 Haines Sam
535 Brown Jake
536 Furnell Cayden

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