Midweek updates with McDonalds: Under 10s manager delighted at training turn-out

Christmas Dinner meat raffle

You’ve gott be in it to win it

Next raffle £35/40 turkey, chipolatas, streaky bacon + sausage meat

£2 a team in the clubhouse

Drawn in the clubhouse on Saturday 22 December

UPDATE: Clubhouse open from 7am to 1.30pm today for collection of bags, garments, hoodies etc

Happy birthday Thursday to Karen Greenfield!

Once again … I do not answer unknown, withheld, unidentified numbers. If you are legitimate, simply send a brief text with your ID and I will get back to you. DH

Children’s Christmas Party 2018

Keys/security/tickets: DH

Set-up and clear up: Lisa S, Shane, James; all willing to help

Presents: Tracey, Katie, Amy … help will be needed with wrapping

Director in charge of Food: Amy (speciality cucumber); Tracey will help; Lisa C sausage rolls; Lisa S cup cakes

Soft drinks: Nancy volunteered (note NO alcoholic drinks are allowed in the hall but the clubhouse bar will be open)

Entertainment: Mark ‘Spud’ Smith

The ‘real’ Father Christmas: James P

Clubhouse / Bar: To be confirmed

Youth managers: please encourage all players to join in the fun and get their tickets by this coming weekend … every year they love it. Even if football is off, I will be open for tickets purchases and collection of bags, garments etc.

Under 10s manager happy with players’ commitment

Hi Dave.
Just want to say that even though the last couple of Wednesdays have been extremely wet and miserable my group of under 10s put a smile on their faces and enjoyed their training sessions with a brilliant turn out on such wet evenings. Great stuff well done everyone.

Loving the training … the Under 10s at the North School
The weather won’t beat us
Always (well, nearly always) smiling … the Under 10s

Training Thursday evening 
Under 16s 7-8pm at Pitchside
Under 14s 7-8pm at Norton Knatchbull
Under 9sDVS 6-7pm at Norton Knatchbull
Under 8s / Under 8 Colts 5-6pm at Norton Knatchbull
Under 7s 6-7pm at Repton

Coming soon former Millwall midfielder Barry Cogan [left] to take Under 16s training on Thursday 13 December 2018 at Pitchside 6.30pm. Barry has played in an FA Cup final and also tackled Ronaldo during his long career … more details to follow …

More news to follow soon …

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