Friday 7 December 2018: changes in the Under 16s with CRS Recruitment Specialists

5pm Update: Only two games in the whole of the club have survived thus far! U13s away to Mersham (venue Flood Street!) on Saturday and the Sunday Reserves at Aldington. I would ask that we don’t blame those with responsibilities for checking pitches as whatever decision they make is wrong in someone’s eyes. As far as Waterside is concerned, Shane had no choice with the ground too wet to even mark out. The FA’s head of pitches, Darren, will vouch for that … he was soaked this morning but took it in good spirit!

What a lovely day for the FA and Kent FA to visit! But heavy rain this morning means ALL is OFF at Waterside

Lee from the Kent FA and Darren from the FA enjoyed their ground inspection visit this morning despite the rain! In fact they took a fancy to Nancy’s solid silver reindeer.

Update 1.30pm: following another inspection by Shane, we have had to admit defeat to the elements as it is simply too wet at aptly-named Waterside and the forecast is less than promising. Therefore, sorry but all activities at our home ground this weekend are OFF. [We will be open certain hours for ticket purchases and garment collection … please watch this page … thank you].

Update 1pm: U10s Ashford Athletic have called off tomorrow’s match with the Green at Homelands due to double booking

Clubhouse open Friday 7.30am – midday

Under 11s squad to face Kennington on Saturday
Preston, Alfie, Harrison, Charlie, Ben,
Thomas, Sam, Matteo, William, Kieron B,
Timmy, Amin, Aralis (Josh unavailable )

5 years of age to the Under 11s squad … have you got your tickets yet?

Saturday 15 December 2018 in the Children’s Centre in the afternoon … tickets are going fast now … on sale in the clubhouse Friday from 7.30am to midday … further details from

I am at the ground all morning and am dreading the ‘heavy showers’ predicted! Matches may have to be cancelled (Shane/Lisa have the final decision) but training can continue provided players keep off of the playing surfaces. DH

Dozens of bags and garments still here waiting to be collected … if they are not gone by the end of the weekend, they will be put into storage until after the Christmas break as they are in the way! There are loads of tracksuit bottoms and garments waiting as per previous lists published … here are the bags waiting for collection:

082 Cook, Daniel; 360 Faltynska, Adrian; 345 Galton, Toby; 422 Nelson U16s; 486 Truelove, David; 522 Judge, Ronnie; 523 Judge, Alfie; 524 Matiyangang, Mel; 525 Olsen, Leo; 528 Price, Archie; 531 Robinson, Braydon; 533 Downing, Leo; 534 Haines, Sam; 535 Brown, Jake; 536 Furnell, Cayden; 1465 Welsh-Close, Bobby

Under 16s updates: Good luck for the future to Nathan and Alex … Charlie is on the way back!

Splendid training session tonight taken by Jamie Hurst … Dave Spencer is talking of an extra session this Saturday 11am at the club (keeping off of the playing surfaces please). We also need to organise the Christmas ‘do’ as perhaps you are a bit too old to sit on Santa’s knee!

News is that loyal chaps Nathan and Alex want to concentrate on their GCSEs and will be having a break from football; while on the way back after injury and athletics is popular defender Charlie Ward. In time, of course, we hope Nathan and Alex return to playing but in the meantime Charlie is expected to resume training next Thursday at Pitchside when we have a special guest trainer in ex-Millwall midfielder Barry Cogan.


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