Thursday 13 December 2018: U16s have guest trainer tonight/jackets and training shirts newly in

Happy birthday today to Alfie Burgess!

Clubhouse open this morning 8am to 10am for bag, garment collection and Christmas Party ticket purchases

Thursday 13 December 2018
Last training before Christmas for U16s at Pitchside with special guest trainer former Millwall, Dover and Dartford midfielder Barry Cogan. Barry, aged 34, played in the 2004 FA Cup Final. Start tonight at 6.30pm.

Last training before Christmas for those at Norton Knatchbull School

Last training before Christmas at Repton for the U7s … see you all Saturday at the Christmas Party


Green jackets waiting for collection
047 Nicole Baker
1409 Aiden Tree
211 TJ Lulu
446 Haydn Thompson
483 Oliver McRobert
530 Frankie Smith
535 Jake Brown

Polos waiting for collection
538 Max Randall
194 Riley Vidler
494 Isaac Joseph
1072 Jake Fuller
525 Leo Olson
528 Archie Price
535 Jake Brown
1465 Bobby Welsh-Close
531 Braydon Robinson
532 Jae Jae Griffiths
482 Harry McRobert

T-shirts waiting for collection
481 Alex Barr
482 Harry McRobert

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