[update … more garments in] Wednesday 19 December 2018 with McDonalds

More garments in today … with the hundreds of others, waiting to be collected. We are only open 7am -9am on Wednesday and from 5pm onwards on Thursday. Please scroll down for the the latest list.

Note: there is no training tonight but it is Flip-Out for the Under 11s

Well done the Under 9s DVS who defied the elements and trained last night … will do you some hot food on Thursday boys!

Big thank you to David Spencer for his Project Presentation last night and thanks to those who turned out in awful weather. Youth managers that attended (just 4) please contact me if you have any problems or ideas for future planning. DH


Thursday is Flip-Out for the Under 14s … if you want the clubhouse open afterwards please let me know some time during the day (open anyway for the U9sDVS who are training) DH

Phoebe with her McDonalds voucher … more photos anyone of our guests on Saturday night?

Phoebe has received her voucher from Emmeline and Chris at Saturday night’s party

The latest box of garments for collection from the clubhouse

Green Jackets Large Adult

003      Jamie Hurst

099      Louis Burton

399      Gareth Hughes

Green Jackets Medium Adult

436      Freddie Janes

541      Aleks

Green Jackets Small Adult

374      Jamie Turner

497      Thomas Johnson

Green Jackets size 164

205      Rylan Brazier

396      Arilas

Green Jackets size 152

351      Keiran Branch

380      Harry Mabb

398      Harvey Prior

543      Callum Witt

Green Jackets size 140

1072    Jake Fuller

477      Rudi Trott

486      David Truelove

531      Braydon Robinson

538      Max Randall

542      Benjamin

Green Jackets size 128

499      Frankie Baker

535      Jake Brown

537      Jacob Rosier

Green Jackets size 116

397      Eraldus

Polos Extra Large Adult

496      Paul Johnston

Polos Medium Adult

047      Nicole Baker

529      Alex Roji

Polos Small Adult

375      George Wright

Polos Extra Large Youth

345      Toby Galton

347      Phoebe

536      Cayden Furnell

Polos Medium Youth

494      Isaac Joseph

T-shirts Medium Adult

047      Nicole Baker

T-shirts Small Adult

375      George Wright

T-shirts Extra Large Youth

345      Toby Galton

532      Jae-Jae Griffiths

T-shirts Large Youth

495      Danny Shaw

527      William Spiers

T-shirts Medium Youth

058      Reegan Sheridan

1072    Jake Fuller

11930  Charlie Jupp

486      David Truelove

493      J Joseph

524      Mel Matiyanganga

525      Leo Olson

530      Frankie Smith

535      Jake Brown

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