Thursday 20 December 2018

Clubhouse open 8am – 11am and from 5pm – 10pm this evening

Please some of you come and collect bags / garments … there are literally hundreds of items waiting to be taken away

Training as normal for the U9DVS at 6pm today

Flip-Out for the Under 14s from 6pm – 8pm

Under 11s squad for Saturday

Alfie, Harrison, Charlie, Sam, Thomas, Ben, William, Kieran B, Josh, Matteo, Timmy. Unavailable are Amin, Preston and Arilas

Some of you are asking about the state of the pitches … Shane will make the call on Friday … hopefully we can get our home games played. Please do not drive through the gate onto the field at the moment … it is pretty obvious why if you look at the state of ground!

Updates later today …

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